Bud Light Gets Fancy

Posted by admin on Monday, January 23, 2012

Whether it's for beer pong, drinks during the game, or you need a cold one after work, we've all turned to Bud Light over the years to satisfy our thirst and meet our desire for intoxication. Now, the always reliable BL has decided to go platinum. Anheuser-Busch is debuting the new Bud Light Platinum TODAY, with less calories and more alcohol. (I'll take 100 cases, thanks.) The upscale beer will have 6% alcohol by volume and a measly 137 calories, making it easier for us all to be skinny and impressively drunk (no more beer bloat!). And check out its sexy new bottle; who wouldn't want to be caught sipping on that at the bar? Or, more likely, chugging it outside a frat house--whatever strikes your fancy.

So go out, try the shiny new light beer, and let us know what you think! Tweet us at @studybreaks and follow me at @sheynarae as I keep you posted on my quest to find the new Platinum Bud Light and experience its skinny deliciousness.


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