Posted by admin on Friday, September 14, 2012

I've noticed almost every day that I'm always waiting for SOMETHING. Waiting for elevators...waiting for phone calls...even waiting for the football games to come on!! Yeah, I know you've got Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all that jazz. But if you find yourself idle more often than you thought, here's some simple ideas to enjoy killing time!

1) People Watch

If I'm in a public place, one of my favorite things to do is people watch. If you haven't just sat back and watched the way people act around each other, it's actually quite entertaining. If you do this enough, sooner or later you'll witness a couple argument. These are the BEST!!


2) Clean

When I'm sitting around my place or even in the car, I never miss a moment to clean when I'm bored. If your like me, your car could use some touching up now rather than later. And I know that when I want to eat there won't be anything to eat on unless I clean the dishes!

This has free time written allllll over it!!!


3) Social Networking

I know it sounds a no-brainer but it's not what you think. Of course I check all my social networks and email as soon as I wake up. BUT if you ignore them throughout the day, then the next time you catch yourself waiting for someone running late, you'll have plenty of news to catch up on!!

If somehow you still have time on your hands, you could always check out Study Breaks Blog!! But that should probably be number 1 ;)


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