Best Dunks of the Year? Blake Griffin vs. Lebron James

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few days ago, Lebron James made headlines with his amazing dunk over John Lucas. I could try and explain the epic-ness, but you just have to see for yourself:


...beautiful right? Whether it was the alley-oop pass from Dwayne Wade, or the fact that he hurdled John Lucas like it was an Olympic event, that Dunk was being called "Best Dunk of the Year" as soon as Lebron's feet returned to the ground.

That is, until Blake Griffin submitted his entry last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Again, this is one you have to see to believe...


Chris Paul to Blake Griffin; how can that not turn out well? What's also amazing is how he made 6' 10 Kendrick Perkins look like 5' 3  Muggsy Bogues.

As far as best dunk of the year, I lean towards Lebron's. It's not everyday you see one NBA player leaping over another. Though Griffin's dunk was nothing short of extraordinary.

Who do you think had the best dunk?






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