Best College Movie Clips

Posted by admin on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

College movies ... ahh. Remember in high school we envisioned college just like it is in the movies --skipping class, beer pong every night, a place where everyone is DTF and somehow still making the grade --by cheating, of course. And then we get to college and realize our lives are nothing like the movies-shit.  Thanks, filmmakers. Instead, we actually have to learn how to study all over and cut out the partying a bit if we want to get a job in four years. But aren't college movies still fun to watch and dream about how that reality got that good? Here's our list of (a few) of the best college movie clips.

Road Trip- because this is what goes down in dorm life ...


The Roommate- because this is what happens when you randomly room with someone instead of your best friend and they end up being a totally creepy, crazy, selfish, highly medicated, jealous psychopath.


Stomp the Yard- because this is what greek life consists of - step show battles against your arch enemies and getting "the girl," of course.


Drumline- because every college band is this epically talented. Did you see the badass dancers?


Legally Blonde- because this is what the first day of class is like with the crazy intense, hard-ass teacher that assigns way too much homework. Hey teacher, I have three other classes!


American Pie 2- because this is what happens when you forget to lock your door and your parents come for the weekend.


Sorority Row- because this is what happens at college parties, ya know, take shots, give shout-outs to your besties, and fake a death because that's tight. Um, not the best idea of a good time ladies


These are just a few of the many things filmmakers make us believe college is all about until we actually get here and see the real world. If you haven't seen these flicks, shame on you. And if you're not in college, don't believe the hype. And if your college life is all about partying and booze, what school do you attend so I can transfer? In the meantime, lovely filmmakers, please make films that are more realistic. Thanks.


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