Beluga: A New Way To Connect With Friends

Posted by admin on Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beluga is a cross-platform messaging application that can be downloaded on your iPhone or Android for free! Beluga is an app that trying to compete with BBM (Blackberry Messaging). Beluga is an awesome application that has a great interface and is easy to use.

Not only can you text, but you can send pictures, attach locations, even include multiple people in a single conversation. Your conversations are organized into pods (going with the whale theme). Each pod gets its own settings allowing you to customize each chat.

Beluga is perfect for coordinating large groups in hectic situations. Instead of mass texting or creating an event on Facebook you can use Beluga to keep in contact with your friends during festivals and is great when planning events and organizing get-togethers.

The only catch with Beluga is trying to convince your friends to join, since the app is totally pointless without them. Luckily, it takes two seconds to join and is totally worth it!


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