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Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ever brought someone home to mom and dad, only for your parents to embarrass you by breaking out the naked baby photos of you on bearskin rug? Cue cliche. We all have those embarrassing photos of us from back in the day, and now that we're in our prime physical appearance, it's hard to admit, yeah.. I used to look like that. It goes the same for celebrities too.


Katy Perry



Meow, Kitty Purry! You've had one major makeover- and for the better. Take my left-handed compliment when I say, long hair looks much better on you, Miss Perry- err, Mrs. Brand. Does anyone else see a Kelly Clarkson doppleganger, or is it just me?


Lady Gaga


I couldn't find a "normal" picture of Lady Gaga. When trying to narrow my search, I started typing 'Lady Gaga hot' in which google corrected me: 'did you mean hot body?'


Nicki Minaj


I love this bad ass bitch from Trinidad. If it weren't for Young Money, I would never have known who she was. Now she's more than just a face- she's her own style.



Personally, I don't see much of a difference when it comes to Rihanna, other than the color of her hair. And the red does wonders! Think how far she's come since 'Pon De Replay'!




My mind's about to blow (oh-oh-oh-ohhh-oh-ohhhh)! No wonder she sings so much about glitter. Just cake your face in makeup and glitter and BOOM! You're no longer some puka shell necklace-wearing nobody in a yearbook photo.




For all you basic ass hoes out there, she used to be a basic ass hoe herself! Kreayshawn, you kreay-kreay, you and your gangster hipster swag.




Who run the world? Queen B. She was even beautiful in high school. I could never say a bad thing about Beyonce. Other than she looks like she's wearing a Bump-It in her yearbook picture, B be lookin' fine.



One thing they all have in common is crazy colored hair! I don't think any of them have kept their natural color. But I guess it works. Would you be listening to their music if they looked like they did BEFORE they were famous? Tell me @kclementine49







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