Baseball Game, Sunflower Seeds, Sunshine, and "Cranergy"

Posted by admin on Sunday, May 2, 2010

I love a good baseball game on a beautiful sunny day. All I need are a pack of sunflower seeds, and a good beverage. Today my drink of choice cannot be found alone in a store, but made with the goodness of one's heart. Ok, not really. It's my fav bottle of cranergy (1/4 full) mixed with two bottles of Arbor Mist.

I know. Pure genius. It certainly get's the job done on a hot day.

What else could make this day better? If the team I'm supporting beats their opponents 21-3. Not too shabby. Way to go Hilltoppers!

Could things get any better? Well you always know you had a god time when you have sunflower seeds stuck all over your legs. Hah. Gosh I can't get enough of those things. I must go through a pack every week. Yikes!

With that said. I recommend everyone get their baseball hats on and go to a game. It doesn't matter what school, or what time, or if you even know the people playing. Grab your "Crangergy" mix and a sack of seeds and have a good time.

Happy Saturday!!


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