Posted by admin on Friday, October 12, 2012

Keep in mind that it's 12:30 am, I've had a few complimentary cocktails, and my mind just got BLOWN by The Bright Light Social Hour who--holy shit--could NOT have been more amazing.

And by Keep in mind I mean NEGLECT the fact that this post is done in a state of delirium and won't be as *CLEVER* and *WITTY* (and--yes those are all just synonyms) as my usual awesommmme posts. Yeah. Anyways, besides the first set of bands I shoved down your throats  recommended, I've got a few more for you to add to your schedualllle:


1. Los Campesinos

I'm not gonna mince words: I don't know SHIT about this band. I stumbled (via satellite radio) onto one of their songs last winter, became literally obsessed and by default TOTEZ added them to my custom schedule. Plus some of the coolest people I've ever met are amped about it, so I'm jumping on that bougie bandwagon.

*Note: Senseless, baseless recommendations/reviews such as this are why I'll never work for Rolling Stone. Seriously though: awesome.


2. Tegan and Sara

I was sold at lesbian identical twins, but I also had a phase in college where I found their songs, like, totally relatable. (Then again...I was working at Plucker's at the time, so clearly my all-around judgment was clouded.) Anyways, whether you're a twin or you didn't dabble in womb sharing, whether you prefer checkin' out chicks or bangin' bros, their songs are delightfully relatable. Or at least just catchy. And hell--what more do you want?! Here's one of their most recent:


3. Bombay Bicycle Club

If I said I knew, like, anything about them pre-Wikipedia, I'd be lying. (GOD I'M A CREDIBLE SOURCE.) Mostly, when it comes to Bombay Bicycle Club, I'm one of those people who blocks your view and just screams loudly when the one song they know comes on. But to their credit, it's--like--a REALLY good song. Also I'm just bitter I missed them in Delaware for Firefly. (Which--again, sidebar--y'all should totally attend.) Oh, and THEY SOUND LIKE THEY'RE FROM LONDON.

Predominantly, because they are.


4. The Boxer Rebellion

Obvious reason NOT aside, they were in a Drew Barrymore movie--Going the Distance, to be exact--and Justin Long('s character) was totally all about them. Another band out of London, they've dubbed themselves alternative and you can feel oh-so-un-mainstream whilst listening.

Actually, we lied. You discovered them via Drew Barrymore. Totally mainstream. (BUT LISTEN, NONETHELESS.)


5. Oberhofer

Because they're opening for Matt and Kim, which is credibility enough. And they've dubbed their album o0Oo0O0o. Seriously. And I love that. Check-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check 'em out.


MOST USELESS, REDIC RECS EVER? maybe. But they're good--swearzies.

Catch you out thurrrr. Holla!


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