Bachelorette men tell all recap

Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hey Emily--I'll make it real easy for ya-let's switch spots.

Testosterone was at an all time high last night as Chris Harrison and Emily Maynard took on the cast of the most recent Bachelorette as the much anticipated "men tell all" episode aired. Talk about drama. First off, hot-headed Chris Bukowski was on his soapbox pretty much all night bitching about Ryan Bowers and every other guy in the house that stayed on longer than him. Look Chris, I know you're bitter and heartbroken--I feel ya, we've all been there--but GET OVER YOURSELF, please. It was so unattractive and made viewers like him even less.

"I'm Chris and I hate everyone"

Not to mention- Chris is now going to be featured on the newest show Bachelor Pad, which basically is one giant orgy of guys and girls living in one house gettin' drunk and hooking up. Hmm...for some reason I think you'll be just fine, Chris.

And then there was Kalon McMahon.

Go get back in your helicopter and fly FAR away Kalon.

UGH. If I had to sum this guy up in one word...rich-kid-cocky-arrogant-ass. Yeah couldn't land on just one. Kalon spent most of his time on the "men tell all" episode re-emphasizing that he did in fact say Ricki (Emily's daughter) was "baggage" and he was in fact just on the show for the glitz and glamour. Whatta douche-er.

So Lets talk about Ryan Bowers.

Heyyyyy Ryan...I'll be your trophy wife.

I gotta say, I know he was known as the arrogant and narcissistic one throughout the show- but I love him. He has this charming sexy-ass thing goin' on- not to mention those muscles and that jaw-line- and his sense of humor although sometimes a little harsh... was pretty funny. BUT all hotness aside- Ryan did refer to Emily as his "trophy wife" several times throughout the show, and told her he wouldn't "love on her" if she got fat...ehhh at least he was being honest...right?!

Then there leaves Sean...

He's so precious.

This gorgeous southern sweetheart did no wrong last night as he defended Emily at every turn, and even when she came out he was so sweet and polite to her- he had all the ladies wishing and wondering why the EFF Emily kicked him off... still so shocked about that.

I am secretly hoping this hottie with a body will make his way on the scene for next season's bachelor, because if so- I'm signing up- no if's/ and's/ or but's about it.

Tune in to ABC this Sunday night to watch the season finale where Emily will choose either NASCAR racer Ari Luyendyk or Jef Holm. I predict Emily will choose Jef- although I thought Sean would win the whole thing and we all know how that one turned out- still so sad- they would've made beautiful babies.

Dayum. Wish I had her problems.

Who do you think will win the whole thing!? Comment below or check out our facebook page and leave a comment.


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