Avoid the midnight munchies

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

just say NO!

We've all been there. Whether it's in a drunken stupor at the downtown pizza parlor or shoving our faces from the fridge, we like to late-night snack. Step away from the food, and listen to these helpful tips to avoid the dreadful tummy pooch.

Have "thinspiration"- When the kitchen is calling your name after dark, just say no. But when no isn't enough, it's always good to have an image of inspiration nearby. Pre-insanity, early-2000's Britney glares at me from my refrigerator door when I try to grab some snacks after hours. One look at those abs and you'll never want to eat unhealthy again.

if you want a bod like this, put the cupcake down.

Distract yourself- Grab a book or watch the new late night drama. Clean your living room, do your homework, or try something you've never done. Start a side project, paint your room, or write in your journal. The possibilities are endless.

Set boundaries- Keep a routine eating schedule, and make sure to always eat breakfast! Set rules for yourself, like no unhealthy foods after 8 pm. To avoid those extra, unnecessary nighttime calories, pick a “stop eating†time about two or three hours before bed.

Get fit instead- Take a quick sprint down the street and get that craving out of your body! Walk your dog--or even your neighbor's--to avoid pigging out. Need some pinspiration? Check out my Pinterest workout board. 250 crunches morning & night adds up at the end of the week. These easy daily exercises are lifesavers!

the NO EXCUSES workout

Satisfy your craving with a healthy alternative- Put down the cake, Chunky. Who needs sugar before bed anyways? Trade in the cookies for almonds. Warm mint or chamomile tea can substitute for dessert without actually contributing any calories.Increase the fiber in your diet, especially at dinner. Try adding beans or whole grains to keep you feeling full. Hummus, yogurt, raw veggies & nuts are other great alternatives.


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