Austin F1 track more popular than expected...and it hasn't opened yet!

Posted by admin on Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 " The Circuit of the Americas" is the new Formula 1 race track being constructed in Austin, Texas. The race track is already making quite a splash; it has rapidly sold so many tickets to its first race, on November 16th, that officials are considering bringing in more seating to supply the demand of the public.

First off, this place is going to be awesome...check out this sweet timelapse of its construction thus far...



And for those of you wondering what F1 racing is, here is a refresher...

THESE are Formula 1 race cars...

And THIS is a fictional F1 race car driver...

Jean Girade was an exceptional F1 race car driver before he came to America to defeat Ricky Bobby in NASCAR. 

Also, make sure you don't confuse NASCAR and F1 racing; fans of both are quick to correct you on the many differences between the two.

To help:


This is a NASCAR race car...NOT Formula 1

This speedy little devil is a Formula 1 race car. Just like your old Hot Wheels toys huh?  

Formula 1 racing is a much bigger deal overseas. In America, the focus tends to stay on NASCAR, but that could be due to the severe lack of Formula 1 race tracks in the United States. Austin's new race track is looking to introduce Formula 1 racing to the people who are already wild about NASCAR, as well as anyone else who wants to know what all the excitement is about.

Currently, tickets for the races on opening weekend range anywhere from $199 to $500+ per seat.

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