Archetypal Women: Sex and the City

Posted by admin on Friday, January 29, 2010

It’s always been my dream to move to New York City. As graduation approaches, a certain restlessness has come over me and I have become absolutely obsessed with all things NYC. Naturally, with this obsession came Sex and the City. How I missed this show when it actually aired is beyond me. Actually it’s not… my mother didn’t believe in television, and I grew up on a ranch in the Middle of No Where, Texas without cable until I turned 17. I missed many a good TV series. Praise you, HBO On Demand.

Needless to say, I encountered Sex and the City a bit later than most girls—as if being a late bloomer in my adolescence wasn’t hard enough. However, I don’t believe there are many high school girls that should be seriously relating to 30 and 40 year old women… at least I hope not. Having gone through a few serious relationships, plenty of casual relationships and one too many bad dates, I have completely fallen in love with Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. Attention all men trying to get some insight into the female mind… it will cost you $200 at Best Buy, and it will be the best investment you’ve made yet. If your girlfriend has ever watched the series, she has identified with one of these characters. I’m not saying it’s never cheesy or that you won’t want to strangle Sarah Jessica Parker every once in a while, but it definitely places women into 4 categories that are at least a decent representation of the greater female population.

1) Samantha- The Empowered (Wo)MAN

Samantha is smart, sexy and knows exactly how to get what she wants. Sex? She’ll have it. LOTS of it. In her office, in a broom closet, a club bathroom… any way she wants it.  In the way that Carrie picks out her shoes, Samantha picks out her men. The word taboo has no meaning for her. Just don’t try to hold her hand. I’ve often wondered about why Samantha keeps her men at arms length. It’s clear that she has a great appreciation for beauty and new experiences, but is she really satisfied with her numerous non relationships? She claims to be in a relationship with herself and is generally pretty selfish. Not that anyone should blame her, she is an incredibly successful and independent woman. However, it’s interesting to wonder whether it’s a guard against allowing herself to be vulnerable?

Yes, I understand that it is slightly absurd to over analyze a fictional character. I also know that there are plenty of Samantha’s in my life—even I’m somewhat guilty. Most Samantha’s come in the form of that hot douche bag guy that treated you like a trashy booty call. I’d argue that we see this character more often in men than we do women, though this is slowly changing.

So how do you deal with the “well guarded and won’t let you get too close†type? You play the game. These people are used to getting what they want when they want… the trick is to become what they want and to be unavailable—it will drive them crazy. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to ensure that you will hit the first mark of being what they want. They have to pick you. This woman or man will walk into a situation (pause for fist pumping), scope and choose. No, life isn’t fair. I’m not saying it’s impossible to catch their attention if you aren’t noticed… it just requires a LOT of smooth talking skill. They think that they crave control in a relationship, and then once they have it—BAM boredom. And they are done. Tip: get a little bossy with them, your confidence will be irresistible.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki59-D2marY[/youtube]

Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie still to come!


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