Calm Yo' Self

Posted by admin on Saturday, September 29, 2012

College is hard. That is not a secret. It either makes you or breaks you. My mom always tell me that its four or five years of torture that have to be sacrifice in order to lead a good rest of your life. Well mother you are completely, right but those moments of torture sometimes seem to be the end of life. Have I introduced myself properly? I am Anxiety Queen and to me, nerves, neuroticism and down right paranoia are a way of life.  So college has been a long road of self-discovery, learning to deal with this has been hard but have somehow managed. When the world seems to be crumbling down take your time to relax. These are tips that I have been offered and will now share.


Take a bathtub.


James Bond needed to relax too.

Guys too. When everything is becoming too overwhelming, fill up your bath tub with steaming water and just lie there. Let the hot water make you analyze what you have to do and what you’ve done. Think through your problems then get up and do them. Plus, when the water drains and all your tears are there, it is awesome to physically see them down go down the drain. You know to make it all dramatic and what not.


Go to Town

That sounds fun. But what I mean is head to the downtown area of where you live. Whether that be the town hall, local museum, whatever, just soak up what the place you live has to offer. Learn a little bit about your own history town.  Its free you learn, and takes your mind off things.

Get Something Accomplished

Anything. Clean your room, Update your iTunes. As long as you feel as if you finished something, it ends up feeling like an accomplishment. Why do you think this essay is written? It makes you feel a little better about yourself for not getting up all day.


Treat Yo self


Even though our crappy college budget prevents us from retail therapy, it is ok to spend once in a while in something you don’t need. But that does not necessarily mean. Splurge on a Pumpkin Spice Latte or new nail polish and pamper yourself.  You had a rough day, treat yo’ self to some “fineee leather goods.â€


Surf Wikipedia

You feel like crap, you want to feel something, so what is a way to turn that positive? Learn. It’s fascinating going through Wikipedia and managing to stumble through one thing or another. Type in something you’re interested in and go at it. At the end, you will come out educated and wanting to tell someone what you just learned.


Leave your phone at home

Disconnect. A big reason you are so aggravated is probably the people who surround you, so relax. Take a break. Go walk around your campus or apartment complex and actually enjoy what you see, You would be surprised what your school has that you’ve never noticed due to being on your phone.


Picture your graduation.

Whenever I am hatting my career and wanting to drop everything to become a ballerina, I just picture my graduation. I picture the look on my parents’ face and my siblings. Instantly you are reminded why you are here in the first place and how exciting it will be to see that piece of paper with your name.



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