And the number one party school is....

Posted by admin on Thursday, August 23, 2012

There are all kinds of ways to determine which college is for you--

Actually care about your grades?! Try an Ivy League.

Live and breathe football?! Base your choice on what school's pride and joy is their pigskin prowess.

Just trying to get laid? Well shit--there's even a list of the 10 most DTF campuses to help you determine what campuses are most suitable for your sexing.

But if your name is _______ and you like to party, all you gotta do is consult the Princeton Review's list of the TOP 20 PARTY SCHOOLS to determine where you're most likely to spend your days beer bonging with babes and getting shitfaced via shotgunning. Based on surveyed students' responses, the list ranked universities based on answers that indicated low personal daily study hours (outside of class), high usages of alcohol and drugs on campus and high popularity on campus for frats/sororities.

And the winner this year? The mountaineers at West Virginia University.

"The schools on this list are mostly large, public universities with strong academic and research profiles, as well as highly successful athletic programs," West Virginia responded via news release. "But in the big picture, clearly this list has no real credibility."

So--I changed my mind. You CAN have your academia, sports and partying too!

And hell--maybe you'll even get lucky.

Here's the list in full--start applying for grad school now:

1) West Virginia University
2) University of Iowa
3) Ohio University
4) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
5) University of Georgia
6) University of Florida in Gainesville
7) University of California-Santa Barbara
8) Florida State University
9) Miami University of Ohio
10) Syracuse University
11) Penn State University
12) DePauw University
13) University of Wisconsin-Madison
14) University of Mississippi
15) University of Texas-Austin
16) University of Maryland
17) University of South Carolina
18) James Madison University
19) University of Maine
20) University of Tennessee




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