ACL TIP: How to Not Get Lost in the Crowd

Posted by admin on Thursday, September 13, 2012

If you've gone to Austin City Limits (ACL) before, you know one thing: A LOT of people go to ACL. It's easy to get lost from your group and hard to meet up with people. Luckily, we have those little things called cell phones, but one thing that I notice every year that I wish I had a flag of some sort to wave around and show people were I am. Well this year, I'm making that happen. Instead of a flag, I've decided on making my own personalized banner to pinpoint my exact location. So, when people text me this year and ask me where I am, I'm going to send them a picture of this:

Ooh yeah. My banner is going to stand out and be awesome. If you are wondering where to get a banner like this, check out BuildASign.com. Prices are cheap and you can design ANYTHING you want. They also have signs and magnets for those of you who want to stand out in a different way. Plus, they have an awesome sister site, Printcopia, where you can make canvas prints  of your fun time at the festival.Check out my pictures from last year:

Totally worth framing! I'm so excited for this year's lineup and can't wait to see if my banner idea works out as good as I'm thinking it will. ACL is October 12-14 this year, so decide how you're going to choose to stand out quick, because soon it will be too late to order anything! What do you think? Do you have any useful ACL tips?

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