ACL is Upcoming

Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Austin City Limits is three days away. Study Breaks will have the lowdown on coverage. Along with Jenny Baker and Jennifer Yu, I will be tweetin and blogging the good times.

Here are some tips to get the most out of ACL.

1) Bike it out.

If you live around campus or central Austin, put the pedal to the pavement. Getting in and out of Zilker park is a headache and the freedom of the bicycle beckons.

2) Pace Yourself

Don’t rage out too hard for the 11 am shows. Take advantage of the nice green Zilker park and sit your bum down to rest up some during the day. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

3) Plan It Out

I could tell you what my favorite bands are, but other sites have comprehensive lists of all the bands and music for your audio pleasure. Listen to them to decide what bands you don't want to miss.

Official ACL Site

Austin 360's ACL Page

Festival Outlook

4) Try New Things

Granted, a little planning is good good, but remember to try new music on for size. Take a little time to venture around Zilker and go where the music takes you.

- Bill Bowman


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