ACL Checklist

Posted by admin on Saturday, October 9, 2010

My ACL cherry has officially been popped. However, being an ACL noob, there was a lot to learn to get the full ACL experience. Thus, I've compiled a list for all my fellow noobs to ensure you're up to to par with the pros for the rest of the weekend. Behold, my ACL checklist:

1. Backpack filled with alcohol - or better yet, one of those water backpacks with an attached sipping tube for more convenience
2. Walkie talkie - don't expect any service, so this is the best way to get in touch with your group
3. Flag - going along with not having any phone service, create your own flag as a way to state homebase when your friends need to find you. An extra long pole, using bright colors, helium balloons, and glowsticks (for night time) helps your flag stand out better
4. Travel tissue packs - unless you want to drip dry. Gross.
5. Lawn chairs or blankets - especially in this perfect weather we're having, it makes the wait for the next band more relaxing
6. CASH - and plenty of it. Unless you want to pay that nasty ATM charge. Not to mention overpriced parking fees
7. Empty stomach - I spied with my little eye yesterday tents for Pluckers, Tiff's Treats, Mighty Cone, Kebabalicious - YUM!
8. Camera - for obvious reasons!

Happy ACL-ing, friends! If you're missing out and would like to live vicariously through me (@jenniferzhenyu), Jenny Baker (@jenny_baker), or Bill Bowman (@bill_bowman) as we dance our asses off and get plastered for the next two days - follow us on Twitter for the latest ACL coverage!


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