ACL 2012: Get the Most Out of Your Experience

Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So, ACL is right around the corner — only three days away you guys!  Time to get excited!!!  This is my first year going, and things couldn't be looking better.  All of my classes on Friday got cancelled.  Isn't that like a sign from the music Gods that ACL and I are meant to be?  In any case, every year ACL has gotten bigger and better since it started in 2002.  Here is a guide to get the most out of your experience at one of the greatest live music events.

1. Register your wristband

These are the glorious passes to three-day fun. Register yours here.

Ok, so most of us forked over serious cash to get this golden ticket (golden wristband?).  Register it online so that in case you lose it, you can cancel it and get a replacement.  Prevent what could possibly ruin your entire weekend.  It’s quick, easy and allows you to get into the festival faster.  Also, if you link to Facebook, it will check you in when you arrive.  We all know you want to show off and make your friends jelly.

2. Customize your line-up schedule

Customize your schedule here!

By logging in with Facebook at aclfestival.com, you can plan your line-up in advance.  Also, it allows you to see your Facebook friends’ schedules.

3. Get the app

Photo Credit: Austin Post

Lost at the festival? Looking for a bathroom? There’s an app for that.  ACL has launched an app for iPhone and Android that includes a map of the park set-up for the weekend.  Also, create and access your customized line-up and check out band descriptions.  Oh, and it’s FREE!

4. Discover new bands

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smyEj_hAYbw&feature=plcp[/youtube] Caveman- My Time

Part of the ACL magic is to discover new bands.  Yes, you bought the ticket to see Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Keys, Florence + The Machine and other big acts, but a lot of great, albeit lesser-known, musicians will be putting on amazing acts too.  I would recommend checking out The Wombats, Bombay Bicycle Club and Caveman.

5. Munchies!

Torchy's scrumptious tacos will surely satisfy your appetite at ACL.

Ok seriously, coming from a self-proclaimed foodie, the eats that will be available at the festival this year are delicious. My picks of classic Austin treats to try are burgers form P. Terry’s, tacos from Torchy’s, a crunchy chicken cone from The Mighty Cone! and some Mexican vanilla ice-cream from Amy’s topped off with a warm chocolate chip cookie from Tiff’s.  What? I’m not going to eat it all in one day . . .

6. Share with the world

Share the awesome time you are having via Twitter and Instagram. The official ACL tag and username is #aclfest and @aclfestival.


For those of you that won't be able to make it, I am truly sorry.  The good news is though that next year the festival is going to be over TWO weekends, October 4th-6th and 11th-13th.  This should make it easier to get tickets.  Also, you can watch the webcasts on youtube.com/aclfestival.

Keep Austin weird this weekend y'all!


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