7 Signs of a Gentleman

Posted by admin on Monday, October 31, 2011

Let's face it, the breed of true gentleman is endangered. With all these playas, pimps and downright a-holes it sadly is a special occasion when you find a guy that is truly respectful. This weekend I was lucky enough to meet one of those rare gentleman and here are some qualities I noticed that I have witnessed hardly ever.

1. Holds the Door Open. This seems simple enough, but when a guy does this for you, you cannot help but smile a bit. I mean, this was a house party, not a gala, and he still held the door open for me.

2. Gives You His Jacket. Of course Halloweekend is always freezing and most girls are in rather small outfits so walking to and from events is a nightmare for us. I did not even have to ask for his jacket, I simply said I'm really cold and he instantly offered it up for me on more than one occasion. Now I'm warm and happy.

3. Calls You Beautiful instead of Hot. It makes all the difference to a girl the types of compliments we receive. Sure being called hot can be flattering, but being called beautiful is so endearing. Hot reminds us of being in middle school and your colored braces were hot. No. We are ladies and will be referred to as such. Being called beautiful was a highlight to my weekend.

4. Pays for Your Ride. "Oh, I don't have any more cash" or being too incoherent to even pay for a cab ride is not attractive at all. Not only did this gentleman arrange for our ride all on his own but paid for it without any hesitation or awkward pause hoping I'll offer to split. Of course I said thank you very much.

5. Respects You Physically. In this day and at our age, sex is pretty much expected if you go home with someone. Yes, it is up to you to lay down your boundaries but more often than not you will hear pleading and persuading until no end. It is refreshing to have someone respect you enough to understand what no means and leave it at that. Besides, leaving something to be desired can be more enticing than opening up the kitchen for a buffet.

6. Holds an Actual Conversation. If a guy takes you home, there's usually only one thing on his mind. Getting you naked as fast as possible. This hardly leaves room for conversation. But if a guy takes you home, understands you will not be participating in the horizontal mambo, and still stays up to talk to you about anything and everything then you indeed have a gentleman on your hands.

7. You Hear from Him and it isn't "Hey, thanks for last night". Receiving a text from a guy the next day, which can be rare in itself, and it having nothing to do with how hot you looked last night is refreshing. I received a text message expressing his gratitude in meeting a down to earth girl like me and that I was gorgeous too. Also notice the order of those compliments. Personality first, looks second. I think I've stepped into a different dimension.

I know some guys might disagree and say girls like jerks but this is why you do not have a girlfriend and if you do, she does not know you are sexting other girls at night. I will take a gentleman over this kind of guy any.day.of.the.week.


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