6 Bar Looks That Look Hot on Dudes

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 22, 2012

I know all women have different ideas of what they like to see guys wear, but there are a few outfits that almost all of us can agree on. So men, dudes, and broskis, listen up!

1. Dark jeans + tee + blazer

image via apocalypstick.com

It's a universally flattering outfit for men. Throwing o a blazer can immediately transform your casual work/class day-outfit to a going out to a night-at-the-bars outfit.

2. Hoodie + blazer + jeans

image via apocalypstick.com

I realize this is more suited for colder weather and guys who dig blazers. If you're a dude who has never delved into the waters of man-blazers then don't be afraid to dip a toe in. It's a staple that everyone needs in their closet! Layering a hoodie under the blazer keeps the look casual, effortless, and well, warm.

3. Collared shirt + sweater + jeans

This is a classic look for the "nice guy next door." This combo would be best suited for a first date, but it would be nice to see guys dress this nice to the bars now and then. CAN I GET AN AMEN, LADIES??????????????

4. The Classic Polo

image via trustnooneclothing.bigcartel.com

Every guy looks good in a polo. They just do. Just don't pop the collar. Don't be that guy.

5. The Classic Button up

image via www.thisnext.com

Like the blazer, IT IS A STAPLE. Do I even need to explain the reason behind this outfit choice? It's just a classic.

6. Funny guy T-shirt

It takes a certain kind of guy to pull off the "funny man" shirt and not look like a d-bag. If that guy is you, then embrace it, because there is nothing like an inappropriate t-shirt to break the ice.

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