5 New Tools that will Shape You Up for Summer

Posted by admin on Monday, June 25, 2012

Check out her video!

Summer is officially in session ladies, so it’s time to shape up  and actually say “I-I WORK OUT!†If your own personal workouts are a bust and if eating right is not the thing for you, then you should definitely try these five get-fit tools.

Amy Dixon, the Equinox Group Fitness Manager in Santa Monica, CA knows what to do! By following along with her video and by
referring to the tips listed below you will be able to get rid of that beer belly in no time.

1. Burn Those Calories
First of all become familiar with “ViPR†pronounced as Viper. ViPR stands for Vitality, Performance and Re-conditioning. This includes this rubber tubing that varies in weight between 8 - 44 pounds. You can do any movement you want with this fitness tool and it kills two birds with one stone because it will turn that fat into muscle, while burning calories.

2. The Wonder Ball
Next become friends with the “Bosu Ballast Ball.†This weighted strength ball will not throw you off track because it will not roll away when doing various ab exercises such as crunches.

3. Toning Time
Get ready for the “Bosu Balance Trainer.†Ladies tone those arms  to show off in your new summer dresses.  This multipurpose fitness tool is for exercises like as push- ups, mountain climbers and it improves balance, adding to any cardio or strength training, which is definitely much-needed after a weekend out.

4. Drop and Give Me 50
Okay, so the "Kettlebell" "looks like a cannon ball with a handle", but it is THE WAY to drop the pounds. In 20 to 30 minutes, it does the following: strengthens your core, burns calories, and tones up your whole bod!

5. Keep it Up
Let me introduce you to the "Water Rower." Even though most of you are stuck on land working or interning this summer, make time to use the water rower for 30 minutes and you will burn up 300 to 500 calories.

Now watch the video over and over again and learn these tools because all of them will break you from your basic-not-getting-you-anywhere workout. Also, Amy Dixon has her own line of fitness DVD's available to you that help you keep up with your summer body all year long!


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