5 Feet From Mel Gibson: The Get the Gringo Premiere

Posted by admin on Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm cool

Last night I had the pleasure (?) of standing FIVE FEET AWAY FROM MEL GIBSON.

Which, a few hours before, I had been kind of apprehensive about. I mean, what if homeboy went all Lethal Weapon on me?! Or Lethal Weapon 2...or 3...or 4?! God knows that red carpet's not bulletproof. I mean, for all I know, he might've whipped out a tomahawk The Patriot style...gotten aliens to attack me circa-Signs...READ MY MIND a la What Women Want...

or--worse--just have calmly recited puh-salms to me in a Passion of the Christ-like fashion. Whatever.

Anyways, I was so kindly invited to the Alamo Drafthouse to attend the world premiere of Get the Gringo--a comedy-infused action movie co-written and starring good ol' Mel as a driver who gets into a crash at the US/Mexican border and is forced to live in a Mexican prison. However, this isn't your typical jail; it's more like a small town, where drugs, sex and violence  are everywhere as visitors are free to come and go.

So basically...heaven? (And did I mention this is based of an ACTUAL prison that was in Mexico?!)

Anyways, there he becomes BFFs with a chainsmoking kid of like 10 who shows him the ropes--and whose use of profanity is even more frequent than mine.

Anyways, there are  a lot of car crashes, a lot of shootouts, some toes removed via pliers and some GNARLY intestine/organ shots--i.e. my favorite things. I.e. it's bottomline badass. Oh, and Mel Gibson is goddamn delightful--both on and off-screen.  And sure there was some sliiiiiiight weirdness when the leader of the Q&A--Harry Knowles from Ain't It Cool News--pointed out that the director was wearing a Star of David on his neck and asked how his relationship was with Gibson (flashback to his drunken anti-semitic rant) and if there was any tension.

director Adrian Grunberg and producer Stacy Perskie, co-screenwriters


But the answer was no by the way.

But anyways, it was a pretty freakin sa-weet movie (that's available on DIRECTV May 1st), and I highly recommend it.

I also recommend charging your iPod, because after I snapped circa 878r7098 pics of the director and producer (see my muh fuggin FANTASTIC photog skills), mine died...right before Mel came out. So you're going to have to take my word for it.


-Mel, on preferring heroes with an edge: "There gotta be obstacles to overcome...testicles to remove."


-Mel, on what Clint Eastwood's advice was about directing: "Don't worry about it--just say action and cut."


-Mel, on writing the story and brainstorming: "It was kind of a combo effort. We'd sit around my kitchen and eat steak burritos and talk characters and plots."


-Adrian, on the craziest thing that happened while filming: "Nothing crazy. Unexpected? Every day. Shooting in a prison with 400 extras who are all ex-convicts gives you a lot of unexpected. They were all great."

Good company.

-Kevin (the kid) on the best part of filming: "I get to smoke in front of my parents."



iPod pics and a list of quotes. Now THAT is the journalism gold standard.


Catch the trailer here: 



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And MAD PROPS to Conor Sellers for putting the event together! It was legit!




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