Monday Pick-Me-Up: A Very Perry Duet

Posted by admin on Monday, October 22, 2012

Returning to the week after a killer weekend, I normally inappropriately salute Mondays with an unusual use of one of my fingers, but this Monday is different. This morning, I happened to stumble upon a gem of a YouTube video that moved me to tears and made me realize the world isn’t too bad after all — even on Mondays. (Aren’t those moments fantastic?) In this vid, Jodi DiPiazza, a young girl diagnosed with autism, sits at a piano playing “Firework†by Katy Perry at an autism awareness event. (Donate to autism research here: http://cc.com/donate) The performance takes an amazingly inspiring turn when Katy Perry starts to harmonize to Jodi’s melody and the two duet the entire song from start to finish. From the look in Jodi’s eyes to Perry’s loving smile, this video perfectly captures the compassion of the human race.

You try to watch this video without crying:



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