Miss Texas Contestant Wants Your Help to "Kick Cancer to the Curb"

The only thing cooler than a beauty queen is a beauty queen with a shaved head. Where can you find one of these, you may ask? Well, you can’t find her yet, but with your help, you might be able to see it happen! Miss Texas contestant—and former Study Breaks Cover Girl (The Rush Issue, August 2013_—Morgan Odom, is working with the American Cancer Society to “Kick Cancer to the Curb” by raising $150,000 before the competition in July 2015. Not only is she going... continue reading

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NEW Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer


We sure did miss it while it was gone. The instant classic Pitch Perfect is finally coming out with its sequel and the trailer is now available to view! 

Cinderwench? No. Dirtyella? Not quite. Cinderella? Hell yes.


If you say that you don't like Cinderella you are wrong and we hate you. How could you not? It's the classic tale of a poor girl that goes from rags to riches, goes to a beautiful ball and gets her twerk on, gets some hot rich guy to fall in love with her and gets to live happily ever after- what's not to love? Luckily for us, this fairytale classic is being remade by the wonderful Disney, and it's something that we're hella excited for. 

But that fairy Godmother HAS to be... continue reading

Grannies On Some Ganja

 This video may or may not be the best thing I have ever seen in my life. 

I think that I would actually be willing to trade my current group of friends with these bad-ass grandmothers. They made the game Cards Against Humanity their bitch. "Coming to Broadway this season... pussy farts, the musical." CLASSIC.  

Each woman represents a different type of high person- the one on the left is the one with the major munchies, the one in the middle couldn't give any less of a fuck,... continue reading