The Top Texas Party Schools

The Top Texas Party Schools


Here at Study Breaks, we love Texas, and we love a good party. When those two things intersect, we couldn’t be more pumped. We know you’re always on a lookout for a good time too, so we compiled a list (in ranking order) of the top 10 party schools in Texas. Did your school make the list?

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Killing the Grad Cap Game


It’s that time of year where we finally get to see what graduates have focused on all year—grad caps. The graduate’s final goodbye, their Sistine Chapel, a Bye Bye Bye if you will to their collegiate tenure: the graduation cap reveals what the graduate truly cared for, and gives onlookers the traditional dose of despair that comes from peering into the minds of those who are the future of the world. Here are our top three picks for the greatest grad cap.

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Holy Whole Foods' Benevolent Recovery Loan

Original Whole Foods Offers $1 Million No-Interest Loan to Flooded Businesses           

             If anything proves that the Whole Foods grocery chain charges too much for their products, it’s their recent philanthropic humblebrag. The company has offered no-interest loans of up to $1 million dollars to Austin businesses that were flooded in the recent Memorial Day rains.

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How to Hide Your Booze

No good story starts with drinking water. The problem is that some events (i.e., your niece’s ballet recital) are not entirely conducive to non-water related fun. Sometimes you have to bring your own party, and we 100% support that here at Study Breaks. (Disclaimer: we do not actually support getting wasted at a five-year-old’s ballet recital, but you do you!


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How To... Save Mad Money

 Originally Written by: Sam Sumpter

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1. Brew Your Beer

Save hella cash by cnverting your bathroom intoa brewery! All you need is yeast, some hops and, like, a funnel or some shit. Reallly how hard could it be?

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