SPHYNX: The Band Talks Music, Austin and Easter Circus


Sphynx has been preparing some exciting things for Matthew’s Easter Circus, and we got the chance to chat with the band when they took a break from their national tour…

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Weekend Party Pick: Matthew's Easter Circus


Got Easter plans this weekend? Hope not, because we got word about an AWESOME event going down in the ATX on Sunday, April 20th.

What is it, you ask? That would be this year's Easter Circus, a Cirque du Soleil-themed show taking place at Cheer Up Charlie's new... continue reading

Frank Moses Drops New Video for "Samurai"

TGIF, y’all—

Liven up your Friday and get your weekend started with the video debut for “Samurai,” a badass song by Frank Moses.

You can thank us later.


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Instagram: @TheRealFrankMoses

Twitter: @FrankMoses and @NIPproductions

Drake Interviews People About Drake


In the latest hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live video, Drake interviews people…about Drake…and it’s perfect.

Topless Woman in Thong Destroys McDonald's


Between the guy who got arrested for a dui while wearing a shirt that said “Drunk as shit” and the woman who called the cops to complain about being sold shitty weed, April has truly been a month of…FOOLS. (See what we did there?)

And now, one third of the way through this glorious month, we have another.

In Florida (of course, f—king Florida), some lady decided that McDonald’s—home of... continue reading