Treat Yo Self


Unfortunately, in today's society confidence and high self-esteem are not very common to come by. We've all got our issues, whether they be weight or facial features or body shape or personality- everyone's got their own thing. But so very often, we criticize ourselves to the point of detriment. 

This video shows how we probably hate ourselves more than we actually should. Remember people, we're all our own worse enemies. Never forget to love yourself.


Avoiding the Thanksgiving Food-Baby


Thanksgiving is coming up in a few days... and we are NOT prepared. We're hardly sure if we'll survive the gruelling talks with our families (no, Grandma, I don't have a boyfriend yet), but the copious amounts of food that will be shoved at us is the real threat. How will we keep our bodies perfects 10's (okay... maybe it's more like a 7 and a half...) if we spend the whole holiday season stuffing our faces? We've compiled some tips for you to keep your smokin' body fit, even... continue reading

HOT or NOT: All Things Novemba

Originally written by SB staff

HOT: Enjoying some stuffing

NOT: Eating until you're too stuffed

HOT: Wearing a mustache with pride

NOT: Offering mustache rides

HOT: Giving thanks

NOT: Wearing Spanx

HOT: Voting and campaigning

NOT: Voting then complaining 

HOT: Fashionable fall shoes

NOT: Falling in your fashionable shoes

HOT: Enjoying a holiday ham... continue reading

Thanksgiving With the Stars

Ever wonder what Thanksgiving is like for your favorite celebs? Do they invite the whole family over? Do they have it catered? Do they go Black Friday shopping? We're glad you asked.

The Kardashian-Wests

They basically sit on the couch like this. Kanye told her Labor Day was just something "The Man" made up, so it doesn't matter that she's wearing white in November. He sits with North reveling in his cleverness with her name while the kitchen staff makes a feast for 67... continue reading

Miss Texas Contestant Wants Your Help to "Kick Cancer to the Curb"

The only thing cooler than a beauty queen is a beauty queen with a shaved head. Where can you find one of these, you may ask? Well, you can’t find her yet, but with your help, you might be able to see it happen! Miss Texas contestant—and former Study Breaks Cover Girl (The Rush Issue, August 2013_—Morgan Odom, is working with the American Cancer Society to “Kick Cancer to the Curb” by raising $150,000 before the competition in July 2015. Not only is she going... continue reading