Johnny Aerobics?

Since entering the NFL just a couple months ago, Johnny Manziel has become (not surprisingly) a huge marketing magnet.  We last saw him in a Nissan Heisman House ad where he is, Dallas Cowboys legend, Rodger Staubach's roommate.  Here we have Johnny Football as an aerobics instructor for a Snickers ad.

Enjoy Johnny "JamBoogie"!

Beatking, Louis Brodinski, and Gangsta Boo release "Mashing"

Beatking, a Houston rapper who became known for making rap songs about viral videos, and Gangsta Boo, a long time female rapper from Memphis have released another single from their collaborative effort album called “Underground Cassette Tape Music”.

The single “Mashing” was produced by Louis Brodisnki, a producer from Paris, France. An unlikely combination of artists for sure, however the trio seemed to complement each other on a raw compilation of Houston, Memphis, and Paris sounds... continue reading

CAMPUS BUZZ: U of H Gossip

Study Breaks Magazine has heard about a few seemingly exciting things going on around U of H's school campus. Below we share 5 interesting events or happenings that are current or coming up soon.

1. Groundbreaking artist and musician Laurie Anderson will be giving the second annual Mitchell Artist Lecture in UH’s Moores Opera House on September 10th.

2. The U of H office of Learning Abroad will be receiving scholar ship funds to have 5 students study abroad in China. Starting... continue reading

VIDEO: Johnny Manziel Crashes the Nissan Heisman House

In the past years, Nissan has created an advertising campaign by creating a fraternity house full of past Heisman winners.  Johnny Manziel is the latest Heisman winner to be shown in this years new campaign launching just as the season starts off.  In the new batch of commericals, expect to see Johnny Manziel and Dallas Cowboy's ledgend Rodger Staubach as roommates plus learn that Jonny Footballs plays with action figures..

... continue reading

Text Message Phuck Ups


It's one thing when you accidentally send a text message to a friend that wasn't meant for them. If it's something innocent like "hey where are you?" Or "don't be late!", it's not such a big deal, and a simple "oops wrong person" response should do the trick. However, some text messages can be a disaster if sent to the wrong person. Hope Bob finally got the text to the right person.