"Series of Unfortunate Events" Trailer Released


Fans Haunted By Fears of Jim Carrey Movie

Early yesterday morning, a trailer released without fanfare through the backdoor of the Internet found its way to major headlines across the country.

A short, 37-second teaser of the Netflix rendition of A Series of Unfortunate Events yanked its way up the heartstrings of millennials to instant celebrity.

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Happy 239th Birthday, America: Here’s the 21 Biggest News Stories of the Year

  1. The Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Oregon Ducks 42-20 to win the first College Football Playoff National Championship.

2. Amid accusations of cheating, the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 after a controversial final play-call by Seattle coach Pete Carroll.

3. Internet sensation erupts over the debate as to the color of a picture of a dress. It eventually confirmed as blue and black, not white and gold.... continue reading

Ag Commission Idiotically Reverses 10-Year Ban on Fried Foods and Soft Drinks


Sid Miller, the first-term Texas Agriculture Commission, announced in April his intention to reverse the 10-year old ban on fried foods and the sale of soft drinks in Texas schools.

The policy does not mandate that schools serve food they disapprove of, but grants schools the option to serve fried foods or sodas if they so choose. According to Miller,... continue reading

11 Mind-Altering Books Everyone Should Read:


            Occasionally, after reading a specific kind of book I’ll experience an amazing phenomenon. Sometimes it occurs only after finishing the book, whereas other times it happens any time I set the book down. The exact feeling is hard to describe, but if you’ve felt it before than you know.

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CNN Confuses Gay Pride Flag with ISIS Flag


            On Saturday at a gay pride parade in London, a CNN reporter took a picture of a flag that looked different than others at the procession. The flag mimicked the ISIS flag with its coloring and shape, and included markings that resembled the calligraphy of Arabic.

            This reporter patted herself on the back multiple times during a phone interview, as she stressed that she was “... continue reading