We're Stoked For UTOPIAfest!


While we love music festivals, let's face it, there are certain aspects of these glorious occasions that are a total pain in the ass--illustrated best in this video from College Humor:


But UTOPIAfest--a three-day music festival taking place September 12-14 in Utopia, TX--isn't your average music festival. Here are a few reasons we're stoked for this awesome fest:


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Mike Hawkins and Borgeous Performing Tomorrow Night At Stereo Live

Dj Mike Hawkins, an electronic musician from Denmark will be performing tomorrow July 25th, 2014 in Houston, Texas at Stereo Live 9:00PM! For those who are behind, Mike Hawkins is gyrating quickly into stardom as a producer and DJ of dance style music.

Utilizing the colossal support of his growing fan base, Mike Hawkins aims to make a powerful imprint in the field of electronic dance music worldwide. With Houston being the only city in Texas that Mike will be performing in, the rest... continue reading

$60,000 Harvard Tuition Leads Students To Create Cake In A Can

20 year-old Harvard students John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski invented cake batter in an aerosol can, called Spray Cake. It works a lot like that pancake/waffle batter in an aerosol can I remember being popular circa 2010, but with CAKE BATTER which is exponentially better than pancake batter.

The students have already found a seller, are searching for a manufacturer, and are planning on patenting their product to make their solid million.

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It's National Tequila Day AKA Thursday

As if Texas college students needed any more reasons to down a bottle of Jose Cuervo, America decided that within the walls of this nation, July 24 would be National Tequila Day. What that means is pretty open to interpretation, but I think the main point is to consume tequila. I mean, are you American or what? Here's a simple margarita recipe to get your quaint celebration started!

For this classy classic drink, you're going to need:

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Top 4 Hobbies In The Spotlight This Month

Candace Luksan

Candace Luksan, a 25 year old graphics designer from Houston, Texas tells us what her favorite side hobby is.
“I love to tan, and hope to eventually be as tan as reality TV personality Snooki”

Susan Andrade

Susan Andrade is a 24 year old Radio Frequency Engineer from Houston Texas.

“I'm a thrill seeker though... I like skydiving but it gets a little expensive. Love going to festivals (EDM) with my closest friends..Hm… and I also... continue reading