Another Reason WalMart Is Awful

After hearing about a woman that left her Great Value brand ice cream sandwich to have it not melt, this man decides to test the claims. With a rather warm day, in direct sunlight... nothing happens.


No seriously, it doesn't melt. This "ice cream" stays solid. What. Is. This. Shit.

The Last 'Hobbit' Will Make You Have The Feels

Regardless of how you feel about the authenticity of this series in regards to the book, this trailer looks straight up badass. And Pippin's Song? Please excuse me while I cry my nerdy eyes out.

"I Don't Want Him To Grow Up"

Remember when you used to actually love your sibling? Yeah, I don't either. Because I was too little to know any better. Well little home girl here is distraught that her adorable, chubby faced brother will grow up.

Man, I wish this is what all my life concerned.

Shirtless Kliff Kingsbury Is All You've Ever Wanted

By now we are all aware of the state treasure known as Texas Tech football coach Kliff Kingsbury. The dude looks like Ryan Gosling in the face aka HOT. With that kind of comparison, people have no doubt been wondering what he looks like without a shirt (naked really, but we're going to keep it PG).


These photos were shared of Kliff (yes, we are on a first name basis) at what looks like a summer pool party, and oh my. It's just what you imagined it to... continue reading

Orlando Bloom Acts On Behalf Of America, Throws Punch At Justin Bieber

Earlier today in Ibiza, Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber got into a heated altercation. There are rumors that douchebag Justin Bieber was dropping lines like "She was good," and "Say hi to her," to Orlando. He was referring to Bloom's ex-wife Miranda Kerr with whom he flirted with at last year's Victoria's Secret fashion show, causing strain between the couple.

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Orlando Bloom Scuffles with Justin Bieber - Watch More Celebrity... continue reading