Proof You Can Get Away With Almost Anything in a Lecture Class

You know how it goes. You drag yourself out of bed to listen to your professor babble on and on about quantum physics or their 401K or something else you don't care about for an hour and fifteen minutes and go crazy out of sheer boredom. Wouldn't it be fun if you could mix it up a little? Try something different to make lectures more exciting? Here are some examples of some super easy ways to get some entertainment out of your class time. 

Bring a friend

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Celebrity Wipeouts

If you missed the 2015 Brit Awards last night, then you probably missed Madonna falling on her ass! Of course, we can’t say we didn’t see it coming...after all, we know how dangerous capes can be!

 Luckily, Madonna isn’t the first celeb to eat the floor--nor will she be the last!  Here are some of our favorite celebrities battling it out with gravity...and losing.

1. Madonna

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5 Cereal brands that aren't actually cereal

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day. It's also our favorite meal of the day! But what's up with all the weird cereal/cookie hybrids going around? Not that they're not delicious, but occasionally you have to put up with conversations like this:

You: I'm going to buy cereal!

A friend: That is not cereal. That is a box of cookies. 

You: No, it says cereal on the box!

A friend: It's cookies! Look at the picture! 

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The lineup for the world's hottest festival (which we mean in a completely literal sense--it happens in Houston in June), Free Press Summer Fest, has been announced, and tickets are on sale now! Watch the video above or just see the entire lineup listed below. (We suggest you zoom in.)

Highlights include--in the big font--R. Kelly, Weezer, Skrillex, St. Vincent, Belle and Sebastian, Major Lazer, Chance the Rapper and more, while if you squint a bit (or...again...just watch... continue reading

10 Things That Are In The Way Of Spring Break

If you're anything like us, you can't wait to drink your weight in frozen margaritas while dancing to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" with a stranger who's accent you can't really understand while your best friend crowd surfs over a bunch of tricked out spring breakers dressed in neon and covered in glitter. While those days are almost here, there's still a few things standing in the way like...


It's over two EXCRUCIATING weeks away!

The Weather

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