What K-State Students Do for Fun

It involves drinking at a place called Tubby’s. Voluntarily.

By Gabriela Hernandez, Kansas State University

Aggieville, also known as “The Ville,” is the place to go for students at K-State.

The Ville is crowded, loud, and oh, so fun—from Wine Wednesdays all the way to Shloshed Saturdays.

The easiest way to navigate through the glorious six blocks is to know where the best bars are and when to go, because as we all know, timing is everything.

Follow these twelve steps and you will have the best night of your life. Or you can settle for a mediocre night too, whatever works.

1. Auntie Mae’s Parlor

This ‘speakeasy’ was opened on February 21st, 1930 during the Prohibition era by kickass Dora Mae in the basement of Walter’s Plumbing.

Today, the bar is still located in a dark basement and it is the perfect place to start your night. With trivia nights, open mic comedy and live music, it’s the place to go to order an ice cold beer and get the night started.

2. The Aggie Lounge, AKA “The Lou”

Once Auntie Mae’s starts to get crowded, you want to head over to The Lou. This bar opened in 1952, and the decorations make you feel as if though you traveled through time.

Who needs the DeLorean time machine when you have The Lou in your own backyard? Go here for a beer and a game of darts since you’re still too sober to dance.

3. So Long Saloon

At this point, you’re almost ready to get the party started and switch to cheap well drinks. Before you do, stop by So Long Saloon for a famous Nancy—Old Milwaukee draft and pineapple juice.

You will not be disappointed. Use the restroom and take your time, because this is the last time you won’t have to wait in line to tinkle.

4. Fat’s Bar and Grill

Show up and keep your head down, because you probably know someone here you don’t like. If you didn’t use the restroom before, you are so screwed. Order an Angel Fishbowl, chug it, get the heck outta there.

5. Shot Stop

You are finally feelin’ it and are ready to let loose. Stop by this stand, take a shot and keep going. You’ll feel like you’re running a marathon.

6. Eighteen 63

This is the place where your ID really doesn’t matter. Sit down, order an Amaretto Sour, and stay long enough to pick up a Delta or Sigma anything. Once you got your hottie and are ready to do a little or a lot of dancing, hit the road.

7. Tubby’s

If the hottie you picked up at the “Greek Bar” is not yet 21, feel free to go to this poppin’ bar. There’s a very crowded dance floor in the middle of the place, the music is loud and once Sandstorm comes on, join the crowd and start chanting “F*** KU!”

People-watch, laugh, dance and get ready to sweat and boogie all night long. Skip the drinks here. When you’re ready to play with the big boys, take off.

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8. Johnny Kaw’s

Walk over to Kaw’s where the scene looks fun from the outside, but it is so much better on the inside. Take one or two shots from the fun bartenders, pull out your K-State ID and follow the sign that says “House Party.”

You probably won’t remember all the people you meet here, and that is okay! Dance, dance, and dance some more. If you’re still flyin’ solo, this is your chance to meet a looker and settle down for the night.

Almost everyone is sweaty and frizzy, and that is totally cool with you. Put on your beer goggles and shimmy on.

9. Rock A Belly

You’re officially ready for a water, a toilet and a Mind Eraser. Go right in, pick a table in the heated back porch and get ready for the deep talks and unanswered questions.

Order a Mind Eraser, because trust me, you’ll want to forget this part of the night. Some of your friends might cry and go home, others might fall in love, but the strong ones will carry on.

10. Kite’s

It is time to dance and sing your heart out. Hopefully all the Debbie Downers of your group are gone and you are ready to have a good time.

Listen to the hits of the 2000’s and order a Tequila Sunrise. They are delicious and honestly, at this point, it won’t matter. Drink water, lots of it and get ready to “Bye Bye Bye.”

11. Rusty’s Last Chance

You made it to the hottest spot in Aggieville where only the real troopers hang out. Spend your last hour out here and meet the best people at K-State.

There are two fire pits outside, music and dancing inside, and another outdoor dance floor out back. Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” will come on right before the night ends and you will yell the lyrics so loud and laugh so hard that nothing else will matter.

Stay until the DJ kicks you out and hug your friends, because the night is still not over.

12. Varsity Truck

Wait in line and get ready to try the meet the love of your life. Drunk college student, meet Mac n’ Cheese Grilled Cheese. It is the most delicious sandwich ever made.

The best part? You can add bacon. Eat it, love it, marry it. Order a box of heavenly donuts for dessert and make your way to your bedroom, or your toilet.