Texas Emojis

Texas Emojis

In another small victory for the worldwide regression into illiteracy, Apple has released custom Texas emojis, which try as I might, I can’t help but absolutely love. The emojis pull on the collective heartstrings of Texans, featuring images of the state with words like “proud” and “made,” in addition to Texas flags, boots, armadillos, the Alamo and bluebonnets.

The category most exciting to me, and I think to most Texans, is the food and drink category, because while Texas has many iconic images, there are few that hit more viscerally than Whataburger, Shiner and Blue Bell.  Also featured in the food and drink category: tacos, Dr. Pepper, queso, jalapenos and Jarritos soda, all of which belong and make me incredibly happy.

There were, unfortunately, a few food and beverage emojis that have a whiff of commercial involvement, such as Miller Lite, which isn’t even remarkable enough to warrant emphatic dislike, but is certainly not a uniquely Texas beverage. Also not uniquely Texan—bacon, although it does come in the Texas emoji kit. Tito’s vodka falls into the same “feels forced” category, because even though Tito’s is Texan, it’s certainly not the only Texan liquor.

It feels like some money may have changed hands to make that happen, and although I can’t fault Tito’s for what would be a savvy business maneuver, the thought of paying one’s way into the hearts of Texans seems a little, I don’t know, Californian! Then again, I might just be completely wrong about how much Texans like Titos.

The creators of the app do give Texas football a nod—a smart move in my opinion, but they do so with vaguely generic football helmets. In fact, when looking for the UT helmet—a very Texan symbol and very distinct image—I found the closest representation was an off-white helmet. Was the app created by Aggies?

No, actually, it’s a product of country singer Rich O’Toole and “Sorry, I’m Texan” social media personality, Sean Compton. The two joined forced to create the Texas alphabet, which is currently ranked third highest in the world for paid apps and sells for $1.99.

Some images that I feel should have been included: Frost Bank, rodeo-related images, Big Red, barbecue, trucks, guns, cattle and Lone Star. If you think of anything that should be included, please let me know in the comments section!